Java / J2EE Solutions and Consulting from Celeritas

Java technology and the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) represent a standard development paradigm for enterprise computing. Java technologies have proven time and time again to be reliable, secure, scalable and flexible. Java is mature, with a community formed around its use, and an industry focused on its implementation.

Many companies, large and small, have bet their business on Java technologies

Celeritas Technologies has logged close to 100,000 hours of development on projects spanning numerous industries and using a wide range of Java technologies.

We have a proven software engineering methodology that has resulted in successful projects time and again for our customers. We employ that methodology not only for our clients, but in the development of our own products, such as SpatialObjects®. To borrow a phrase from Warren Buffett, "We eat our own cooking."

Celeritas is aware of the core benefits of implementing with Java, including transparency and choice.

Transparency because a number of organizations are involved in developing the Java platform in an open process with input from a number of entities.

Choice because a Java system does not have to be tied to one vendor. There are a number of vendor choices. Celeritas has expertise with Sun, Oracle, BEA and IBM to name a few. Celeritas also has extensive knowledge of open source solutions available to the Java community, such as Tomcat.

The Java platform can be daunting. The technologies encompassed by Java are vast. Celeritas Technologies has years of experience, and a proven software engineering methodology for developing enterprise class systems using Java technologies. We can assist you in the creation of a Java solution that will empower your business.

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